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Everyone has inspirations- and most people have inspiration boards. I’ve seen a lot of boards out there that I truly covet, but this is mine: it’s full of colors I’m lovin’, images I adore, projects I’m thinking about, and pieces of things I don’t know how to use. My room growing up looked like this board does- on every wall! God Bless my poor mother…

Anyone else have a good shot of their inspiration board to inspire others? ^_^

Some of my favorites:
My hero, the artist, Gennine
A nice list of images
Framed quazi-permanent board

A good How To


Recently, on my delightful birthday, I got a chance to sift through the craft section at a bookstore, taking all the time in the world to chose one book that I would reward myself with for living on the planet for 27 years. After much thought, and a little help from my roommate, I finally decided on this one:
“Sew Sunny Homestyle,” by Tone Finnanger

This book is a delight to breeze through- transporting you to a beautiful ocean-side cottage with soft, happy whismy inside. This is the closest to “cute country French” I’ve seen state-side. The stuff is rampant in Japan! Of course that makes sense because I discovered that the author is from Oslo, Japan’s long lost design cousin. Tone, the author, started her company, “Tilda” when she was 25. Now, maybe it’s because I just celebrated my 27th birthday, but reading that gave me a serious jolt! How incredible to be so talented and driven to have started a company so young!

Here is one of her cute projects that I whipped up a few nights after purchasing the book:

Anyway, if you love my hedgehog pincushions, you’ll probably love this book. There are stuffed cows, angels, birds, puffins, seashells, bags, purses, pillows galore, and enough eye-candy to make anyone seriously consider pining for the fjords!

Most of my poor plants did not survive the winter. I blame this less on the winter and more on their keeper, but I am surprised at those that made it through. The winners are:
One sad spring of Basil
One-too-many-tinctures Lemon Grass
A few wisps of Lemon Thyme
Pale, but beautiful Parsley

And of course, the ever vigilant plant that my mother sent me IN THE MAIL:

I love this little guy!

I can’t wait to start thinking about what to plant this year. I’m going to try harder for cherry tomatoes and other edibles on my porch! We’ll see!

Nothing motivates me to sit down and craft than a clean and organized craft space. For the past few years, I haven’t had a really good “space.” In Japan, I couldn’t commit to any furniture or storage, and I’ve been rather transient since then. However, after a year of collecting storage pieces from thrift stores- I have finally made a space I love. Could it be bigger? Can’t it always? ^_^ Here’s what I love about my space…

rubber stamp storage

I love how I can finally see most of my rubber stamps with one look- and when I want a particular stamp, I know where to look for it. While I covet the way my sister organizes with her perfectly labeled drawers- I enjoy having everything out in the open, and I’m sure that drives her crazy. To each her own!

I love my ribbon storage- though re-pining my spools after I cut off a length of ribbon is a weak spot of mine, so they start to get a little crazy after a month or so. I also love the spice rack I’ve got to hold odds and ends for me, it’s perfect for the Martha Stewart punches and bottles of flowers.

I love my pine wood desk because it came from my favorite store, Mujirushi, and I brought it back from Japan with me all folded up. It’s shorter than most desks, and a little small, but I’m making it work because it means a lot to me.
Speaking of sentimentality- my paper storage box is awesome. I never liked the ones I saw it stores- so I asked my brother off-handedly to make me one. So what did I get for Christmas? This! I own a few Marshall originals, but I get to use this one! It always makes me think of him while I’m crafting.


Ah, my pens! Where would I be without them all? When I lived at home with my parents, I had a very long desk, and they were displayed across the back wall of it- which was nice because every mug and container is something unique that my mother and I found in a thrift store along the way. They’re all beautiful- some more than others, but I’m a little sad I don’t have that space to see them now. Instead- it’s my pen forest. Is it organized? It is to me! I’ve got drawing pencils, markers, sharpies, pencils, ball points, felt tips, Copics, scissors, paint brushes, colored pencils, crayons, and the random-nothing-fits-mug. There is also a drawer full of marker sets somewhere, but maybe I shouldn’t mention that…

Mostly what I love about this space is looking at the little pieces, remembering the happy times they evoke, and getting that little inner-smile you get when no one is watching you. Sure, I could have gone out and bought a pre-designed scrap-booking storage unit. But I didn’t. And I’m happy.