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I was recently in Santa Fe, New Mexico, celebrating my uncle’s birthday with my mother. We all love Santa Fe- and who couldn’t? The beautiful cohesion and harmony of color and shape in that place is ever pleasing to the eye- and life feels a little slower there. I shot quite a few photos, so I’ll split them into two posts to spread out the loveliness.

This particular group of photos all come from one road. This is Canyon Road- which, if you know Santa Fe, you know is the best place to find art. The road is lined on both sides with gallery after gallery of fine art and lots of lovely flowers! You have to walk for lack of parking, but it is a lovely experience! There are also several trails that run off into the canyon for those more nature inspired. It takes a whole day!

These bushy yellow flowers were so soft! I had to keep myself from laying my face against their bright petals because they were also full of bees! Yikes! See the little guy in the photo? =)

Due to the adobe architecture, all the bright colored window shutters and doors in Santa Fe really pop! I love the texture of the mud next to the worn-down wood. Yummy!

This tea house 3/4 of the way up Canyon Road was a life-saver! After all that walking uphill and all that art- a body needs a break! This cafe is a little pricey, but it’s great! I had bagel lox with a green salad, and a delicious spiced chai.

This place did not mess around with tea. I haven’t run into many places with multiple chai recipes, or several genmai or kuki-cha options. I was most certainly impressed!

The inside of the cafe was decorated with a hand-crafted chic, with bunting flags, branches, and cute paintings like these birds here and there. The bathroom was a full-on Italian countryside!

My mother always told me she was an Arizona lizard- loving nothing more than to sit in a sunny spot and soak up the sun. Who can argue when the windows are as satisfying as these?

More Santa Fe later!


I put a new hedgehog in the shop this week, as it was starting to look a little sparse. This might be my favorite yet…

I love strawberries! Especially faux-French-made-in-Japan-Linen-Strawberries! Oh yes. I do.

And I finally put in an asian umbrella printed hedgie I made a while back, but never put in the shop. Oops!

So silly!

My sister took my mother and I along with her on a recent scrap booking retreat. Three days of uninterrupted Scrap Booking! I loved it! When’s the next one?

One thing I enjoy most about these retreats is seeing what other folks are doing and being inspired. Also, they usually have good ideas, or better yet- great tools and products to share with you. I also got to share some of my plentiful supplies that I knew I’d never use all of, so I was a pretty happy camper!

I used so many new punches at this retreat- I couldn’t decide which one to buy at the end! Creative Memories has a neat line punch system that makes a picket fence. Well- I made my picket fence into a medallion with a few dozen fan-folds. Phew! Time consuming, but worth it! Also, I loved the paisley punch which I used in orange over on the side border. I ended up with leaf punches and a tag punch from my sister! It was like a pre-Halloween treat! =)

There are a few more pictures on my flikr site (button is to the left of this post) if you wanted to see more.

My mother and I are avid shoppers. We like things that are unique- old- things that have a history of being loved. It should come as no surprise, then, when we decided to put together china plates and cups one day, we became horrendously addicted. We’ve been selling these plates at craft fairs for the past 2 years, and we can’t stop! More plates keep popping up, asking to be put together. So we comply.

We’ve never made the same plate stack twice- and we certainly don’t intend to!

Here is a picture, albeit blurry, of a wine party I had that used three of our mismatched servers to serve cheese, crackers, nuts, spreads, fruit, cupcakes, and more! It was a hit, and it looks amazing!

Our ballerina frogs appeared this year, and despite our anxiety at trying something new, we hardly had any left when the day was over!
These frogs crack me up with their spunky personalities. Oh yeah… they definitely have attitudes!

The Colorado sky opened up and dropped some lovely snow on us today. I love all the white. It’s somehow very refreshing to me- covering up all the things I didn’t want to see…

I am busily getting ready for an order of hair pieces in “school colors” which is pretty relaxing because it keeps me focused on the form more than the color. Focus is good. Messy desk… not so good? =)
Happy snow to all!