Nothing motivates me to sit down and craft than a clean and organized craft space. For the past few years, I haven’t had a really good “space.” In Japan, I couldn’t commit to any furniture or storage, and I’ve been rather transient since then. However, after a year of collecting storage pieces from thrift stores- I have finally made a space I love. Could it be bigger? Can’t it always? ^_^ Here’s what I love about my space…

rubber stamp storage

I love how I can finally see most of my rubber stamps with one look- and when I want a particular stamp, I know where to look for it. While I covet the way my sister organizes with her perfectly labeled drawers- I enjoy having everything out in the open, and I’m sure that drives her crazy. To each her own!

I love my ribbon storage- though re-pining my spools after I cut off a length of ribbon is a weak spot of mine, so they start to get a little crazy after a month or so. I also love the spice rack I’ve got to hold odds and ends for me, it’s perfect for the Martha Stewart punches and bottles of flowers.

I love my pine wood desk because it came from my favorite store, Mujirushi, and I brought it back from Japan with me all folded up. It’s shorter than most desks, and a little small, but I’m making it work because it means a lot to me.
Speaking of sentimentality- my paper storage box is awesome. I never liked the ones I saw it stores- so I asked my brother off-handedly to make me one. So what did I get for Christmas? This! I own a few Marshall originals, but I get to use this one! It always makes me think of him while I’m crafting.


Ah, my pens! Where would I be without them all? When I lived at home with my parents, I had a very long desk, and they were displayed across the back wall of it- which was nice because every mug and container is something unique that my mother and I found in a thrift store along the way. They’re all beautiful- some more than others, but I’m a little sad I don’t have that space to see them now. Instead- it’s my pen forest. Is it organized? It is to me! I’ve got drawing pencils, markers, sharpies, pencils, ball points, felt tips, Copics, scissors, paint brushes, colored pencils, crayons, and the random-nothing-fits-mug. There is also a drawer full of marker sets somewhere, but maybe I shouldn’t mention that…

Mostly what I love about this space is looking at the little pieces, remembering the happy times they evoke, and getting that little inner-smile you get when no one is watching you. Sure, I could have gone out and bought a pre-designed scrap-booking storage unit. But I didn’t. And I’m happy.