Recently, on my delightful birthday, I got a chance to sift through the craft section at a bookstore, taking all the time in the world to chose one book that I would reward myself with for living on the planet for 27 years. After much thought, and a little help from my roommate, I finally decided on this one:
“Sew Sunny Homestyle,” by Tone Finnanger

This book is a delight to breeze through- transporting you to a beautiful ocean-side cottage with soft, happy whismy inside. This is the closest to “cute country French” I’ve seen state-side. The stuff is rampant in Japan! Of course that makes sense because I discovered that the author is from Oslo, Japan’s long lost design cousin. Tone, the author, started her company, “Tilda” when she was 25. Now, maybe it’s because I just celebrated my 27th birthday, but reading that gave me a serious jolt! How incredible to be so talented and driven to have started a company so young!

Here is one of her cute projects that I whipped up a few nights after purchasing the book:

Anyway, if you love my hedgehog pincushions, you’ll probably love this book. There are stuffed cows, angels, birds, puffins, seashells, bags, purses, pillows galore, and enough eye-candy to make anyone seriously consider pining for the fjords!