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Sometimes the simple is overlooked.  This is a great, fast decoration, and it makes the room smell lovely.


citrus   Oranges (or lemons, ponzu, clementines, etc)

Cloves   Whole Cloves


Think of a simple linear design that can be easily transfered to a round surface.

While it is possible to draw on the surface of your orange with a marker, it isn’t a good idea as you will see the pen lines after you’ve finished.  Instead, try marking the corners of your design with sewing pins, then connect the dots with the cloves.


The cloves have sharp ends, so use your thumb to push the cloves directly into the rind of the citrus.  The clove will soak up the juices of the orange and send them wafting through the air.

Easy, huh?  So easy, even kids can enjoy it.

all spice oranges

If you’re looking to help the oranges sit still, you can put them in a big bowl with potpourri, or make stands out of pine or twigs, fastening them with wire to make rings.  You’ll figure something out!


This is where the ideas go.

One by one, with no fixed schedule, rhyme, or reason, images and explanations for ideas to keep the hands busy all year round . . . or maybe just the eyes.

No profit, no personal gain, just an idea.