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I am SO excited for the craft fair this weekend! I have this crazy new creative energy and I’m getting exceedingly productive in this eleventh hour.

Today I was wrapping up a few of the lace bags I’ve been working on.

Have I mentioned how much I love lace? And how my favorite color is teal?

Does anyone else make things, and then secretly hope nobody buys them? ^_^

I’ve been messing around with an old suitcase, thinking about display options for my lace jewelry… it’s a bit of a conundrum. I love clutter, and the mystique of a dusty antique shoppe, but it’s hard to say if that’s a good way to focus customers on what you’re selling Maybe clean cut is better? Who knows!

Don’t forget the craft fair, Saturday, October 1st at Ketring Park in Littleton, Colorado. I’ll be in the middle! It’s gonna be a gorgeous day!


A little bird came to visit my sunny room this morning…

The pattern comes from Sew Sunny Homestyle, by Tone Finnanger, mentioned before on this blog.
He is too cute, to be sure, but it’s so difficult to turn all his long, narrow appendages inside-out after sewing, and the instructions leave much wanting! I had to dream up my own way to a few endings. Still, I can’t wait to sew him a little friend.

He came out of one of the new fabrics I picked up a few days ago at a fabric store I discovered in Englewood, Colorado. This store, Wooden Spools is a unique place. They buy fabric from… consumers! Folks who bought too much fabric “back in the day” or were serious stash hoarders, like myself, who finally decide to get rid of their fabric, can sell it to these folks by the pound. (More info on their website) Quite a novel way to get rid of it all, honestly! The store, in turn, folds it neatly, as the pieces range from 1/4 yard to whole bolts, and sorts it by quality and color, and prices it so reasonably that it was hard to walk out of the store with as little as I did! Here was my stash:

The ladies who run the store and quite nice, and very helpful, and it looks like they have some great classes, so I highly recommend stopping by!

My mother, being a grandmother to two adorable little girls I am lucky enough to call nieces, designed a new must-have toy for her grand-children. She saw how much the girls loved their ballerina dolls: life-sized dolls with elastic straps on their feet made to loop around a child’s ankle and go dancing for hours. She also noticed how this doll, made quite cheaply in China, was falling apart from its hours of attention. She decided to make a better doll. A more… amphibious doll.
So the ballerina frogs were born…

We will be selling the ballerina frogs along with other “grandmother approved” goodies for children at the Littleton craft fair this Saturday! More pictures to come all week.

After many people telling me I should be making earrings, I finally figured out a design small enough, but still ridiculously cute, that it would be delicate against one’s neck. I’m so excited to make more!

I recently discovered that Plaid is starting to make white (and other colored) ear wires and jump rings. So cool! I used the white on these, and I love the effect.

Look what came in the mail!!!!

My favorite blog, Design*Sponge released their first book! It’s gorgeous!

I’ve been working hard for the upcoming Littleton Craft Fair!

I’m having lots of fun making new designs, but can’t seem to make the same necklace twice, no matter how much I love it! Oh well!

When I was little, and my family braved camping in the Rockies, I remember my mother and I sitting under a large Ponderosa Pine constructing a house. Not a big house- but a Mouse House. I remember very clearly the rocks we painstakingly collected to make the tiled floor, the pieces of almost-flat bark that made the walls and the roof. There were tables, chairs, bowls made of pinecone petals, and a fireplace stocked with tiny twigs. I spent hours on the house. And I’ve spent plenty of hours since then making similar houses all over the world. They aren’t permanent, and I’m sure most of them get washed away or trampled the next day, but for the time I’m working on them my world becomes a tiny imaginary land of whimsy, and it’s incredibly relaxing.
I highly suggest this craft for small children.

In addition to that pastime came the craft of boat-making.

Now, I am not an efficient boat-maker, but between my elementary school and home was a rambling creek that I used to visit quite often, and I make countless boats to float down its lazy currents. They varied from woven mats of grass to barges of twigs and leaves. There is something incredibly healing about building something from what is around you on the ground and releasing it- not making it for profit or gifting- just to make it. And that is what the mouse houses and grass boats are all about; the joy of creation.

May you all have such a crafting that makes you feel joyous…