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I made this video for Threadbangers but I figure you guys could get some use out of it as well. It’s not hard to sew, and learning to sew starts with simply changing what you already have. To modify clothing, just take something you don’t like out of your closet and make it into something you love! Threadbanger does a lot of tutorials on that, so check out their site. And if you want to make a cute Japanese-inspired jacket, check this movie out:


Sometimes you just a need a scrapbook that is yea-tall and yea-wide. For such occasions, I make my own instead of trying to find a boring one at the store. It’s really easy, fairly fast, and super cheap!

What you’ll need:

Fabric, cardboard, double-sided tape, white glue, a ruler, an exact-o-knife, scissors, a paint brush for glue, a sharpie, hingey-clippy-ring things, grommets and a hammer (not pictured).

1.) Measure how big of a book you want. Remember to leave about 1.5-3cm for where the book will be “bound.”

2.) Measure some fabric so that when the fabric is folded in, it will cover all of your cardboard.

3.) Cut out two pieces of fabric. Iron if necessary.

4.) Use double-sided tape on the front of each of your covers. You could use glue, but it tends to make the fabric pucker and pull, so I use the tape to keep it in place while I glue the back.

5.) Once the front is adhered to the fabric, coat the back of your cover in glue. Use a paint brush to spread it out. evenly.

6.) Fold the bottom and top snugly onto the back. Check the front to make sure it’s even.

7.) Coat the folded upper and bottom fabric flaps with glue and fold in one of the sides. Smooth it out well!

8.) “Hem” your final edge with glue before folding it over.

9.) Using ample glue, secure the last flap on your book.

10.) Let it dry under something heavy- like your laptop, or a dictionary.

11.) Decide how many rings you want to hold your book together. Three is bare minimum. Decide some even spacing using your ruler and mark where you will put your holes 1.5cm in from the edge with a sharpie.

12.) Make a hole by any means possible. I twist my scissors back and forth like a drill until I have a hole big enough to fit the grommet through.

13.) Following the directions on the grommet box, hammer your grommets into your book.

14.) Wa-la! You’re done! Use a hole punch to insert memorabilia or scrapbook pages and you’re set!

Good luck with your projects! If you try it, share advice or upload your work! I’d love to see it.