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I adore color.
All my life I’ve been attracted to the rainbow.
In middle school I did my science fair project on the amount of heat absorbed by different colors.
My room was always an explosion of ROY G. BIV, and my wardrobe must have sent off a million ‘wrong ideas’ about my sexual preference growing up. I even had a painting teacher assume I was a lesbian because of my hat and gloves.

In college I constructed an installation of 3,000 paper cranes ordered in rainbow color. It was stunning, and surprise even to me when it finally took shape.

Nowadays I try to be a little more subtle in my color palette. I try to concentrate on one color at a time. My current favorite is teal, but when I get a chance to let the rainbow out, I do.

I order my fabric in rainbows: (yes mom, I know that this is only 10% of my fabric collection and that 90% of it is still in your basement!)

My embroidery floss:

My tatting thread:

My spool thread:

Even my closet (this habit came from a college roommate of mine):

I guess I’m addicted to the hues of the world. But I think everyone with a love for beauty is. Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only one with a life full of prisms, I just wanted to share the humor in the moment.


I have friends who adore cacti. They collect them, name them, and croon over every stage of their slow development.
I, however, have never caught the bug. Those alien shapes scared me, and I could never tell if what I was looking at was dead or alive…
…until now.

If I knew cacti could get that big or get this beautiful, or hold this many patterns… I never would have mocked their existence.

At the Huntington Library in Pasadena, California, my mother and I explored the cacti garden with fervor. What a place! This HUGE garden was amazing- and you’d be crazy not to visit it if you’re ever in Pasadena. They have art museums, libraries, and incredible vistas. You know those famous child full-body portraits, Blue Boy and Pinkie? They’re there! Incredible!

This agave cactus led to some drama between it and my finger. I couldn’t help but want to pet the long inner frond- it looked so soft! Naturally my finger came away with a nice gash down the middle of it for being stupid. Those barbs on the ends didn’t look THAT sharp!

I mean… have you ever seen a cactus that big? (I know my friend Chelsea in Arizona has a nice snide remark to this, so I’m going to preempt her.) Well I’d never seen one that big, so I was blown away.

My mother (who also happen to be from Arizona) says you can make jam with those red berries. Anyone ever tried it?

Bottom line is- if you’re in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, be sure to check out the Huntington Library and it’s marvels. You won’t regret it!

Well, I have officially been in my first “real” craft fair. Sure, I’ve been in little set-up-your-card-table-here fairs, and even helped my mom with one when I was in middle school, but this was big! BIG! I used to go to the Littleton Craft Fair every year. It’s huge! A whole park full of crafts- and I never ever wondered how it all got there! AHHHHH!

Crafting is fun, neat, delicate work for me. I love doing it. It relieves stress and makes me a tranquil being.

Being in a craft fair- is a little…whoa.

Being in a park we had to get all of our stuff from the truck which was parked a quarter mile away, to the tent. My stuff- no problem. Hedgehog pincushions and lace necklaces don’t take up much room. But my mother’s tiered china cupcake plates… all 100 of them… what a nightmare!
I’d do it all again any day, but not unless I knew I had some serious brawn at my side. I noticed my brother and sister were magically unavailable. (Okay, so the brother is at a meditation camp and my sister had a PT test, I guess those are important.)

Anyway, serious fun! We made up all our expenses, so we were very happy. But my mom still has 50 or so tiered china plates she’s gonna have to do something with… hmmm, is that more craft fairs calling? Ha!

I will be updating my Etsy Shop and quite a few posts from fabulous adventures in California as soon as possible. Currently my internet is out at home (again!) and Verizon doesn’t think I’m very important, so… we’ll see how long it all takes.

I will be at the Littleton Craft Fair as put on by the Friends of the Library and Littleton Historical Museum October 2nd from 9-4:30pm. It’s right next to the Historical Museum at Ketring Park. It’s always been my favorite craft fair, and the closest to home. It’s all outside and the weather looks like it’s gonna be great! I’ve got almost 30 necklaces, some hedgehogs, and about 25 cupcakes. My mother ended up making 100 cupcake tiered stands. Whoa! I’ll post lots of pictures to show the fun!