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What feels like months ago, I visited a friend in Arizona, where I was fascinated by the plant-life there. It’s amazing what it takes to survive the dry climate, and surprising to see the shapes flowers take. I snapped a lot of photos and meant to share them, but forgot! Oops! Here goes:


As promised, a quick look into a new artist- Fiore Tomoco, who I discovered in Kiteya Soho on my trip to NY, though most of her work appears only in Japan.
At the time I could only purchase a small bobby pin, but someday I hope to own one of her splendid bird cages! As incredible as they are to look at, you can imagine how complex and intricate they are to hold in the palm of your hand. I adore her creativity and use of antique beads! I have borrowed some images from her blog and inserted them in the gallery below, but you can browse through her Japanese website as well.