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My mother has decided to do another craft fair. She’ll be selling cupcake stands- tiered amalgamations of random plates and teacups fixed together. They’re really great- I’m glad she’s doing it since it requires her favorite past time- thrift store shopping all day long.

I’ve decided to make some cute little cupcakes to look pretty on her stands. I suppose they could be used as pincushions- sure, why not? I’m just excited because I get to use up a lot of little flower lace motifs I have sitting around.


As with most of my fellow textile lovers, I have a huge stash of fabric. I’m putting my foot down and finally making a quilt for me! Though it might just turn out to be a wall hanging if I get too crazy intricate with it. Anyone else love to applique without a plan? I don’t see much of it on the internet, so I’m curious. Here’s piece one!

I don’t know how many of you are in the Pennsylvania area, but I get to pass through a couple times a year and I always find an excuse to stop by this small farmer’s house in Gettysburg. He makes pottery and sells gorgeous fruits, jams, apple butter, and many other treasures. The pottery can be seen here at The Lion Pottery where he and his wife, Junko sell some of their amazing pieces. But more than what he sells, I admire the man himself. What an inspiration!

The first time we decided we were going to take the exit off Highway 15 to see him, I was a little anxious. After all, I’ve been brain-washed by my surroundings to believe that chain-stores are the only safe place to go and buy things. But I’d seen some signs on the highway for his wares and I thought anyone who comes up with signs that creative and hilarious ought not be scary! The signs said things like “Do you like pottery?” A mile down the road another said, “We HAVE pottery!” and even, “You know you need a mug!” not to mention the mouth-watering signs about apple butter, apricots, and “oh my goodness blueberries!”

So I finally decided to stop one day, and when he came out of his house with his halo of curly salt-n-pepper hair bouncing about him, I was smitten! He has a personality that pulls you in, and makes you smile before you even realize it. This is how I want to buy everything! From the happy people who make it!

I stocked up on as much fruit as I thought I could eat, and got some pepper jelly apple butter for gifts (so good!). He even remembered me and my car-mate from the last visit! Yeah! I can’t wait to have another excuse to go see him again!