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I am happy to report that my hanging devices for my teacups have withstood the test. They’ve been up for months, now, and even lived stress-free through a roofing job, which sent other pictures on my walls off their nails. Not these guys! They’re tough! I do love epoxy…

On a sad note… I’m being forced to admit that my sad little box camera has fallen out of my pocket one too many times. I think it’s getting fuzzy around the edges. I may have to buy a grown-up camera with real lenses and stuff soon. Sticker shock! Ah! Any favorites out there? Looking at the Cannon Rebel at the moment…


A gusty wind and a fierce hailstorm came through our backyard a few nights ago.  The wreckage gave me six meters of a disressed fence spread out over the yard.   Nature’s destruction inspired me!  Remember the fox skull? He finally got some skin.





If I was a porcupine, I would rather wind up covered in lace than buried under the earth. Then at
least I’d know someone loved me.

Am working on how to cover the whole skull.  Lots of little pieces. I need smaller fingers!

lace gamble quail skull

This is where I am right now. In between knitting, embroidery, and stamping, I am dragging from the depths, beyond the mundane, lace skulls from my inner self. They come slowly, but with great satisfaction. This gamble quail is only an inch wide, and perhaps two inches long. It is so small, I feared breaking it, but the trooper clung together, and now it has a crochet lace net to hold it together even more.

I think he’s happier.

Next attempt- all white.

After many people telling me I should be making earrings, I finally figured out a design small enough, but still ridiculously cute, that it would be delicate against one’s neck. I’m so excited to make more!

I recently discovered that Plaid is starting to make white (and other colored) ear wires and jump rings. So cool! I used the white on these, and I love the effect.