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I’m so proud of Team Georgia Peaches!  They are halfway from San Fran to L.A. in their fight against AIDS!   To all who helped me raise money for them with the gift tags- thank you!!!  Here they are doing all the hard work!


I was sitting on a concrete step waiting for a museum to open. I looked down to find a beautiful moth at my feet.

His wing was badly torn, and he seemed content to sit there, so I merely stared at him.

Soon, a gaggle of school children came along and stared at him, too. Their wonder was contagious.

Eventually, the moth had enough of people and flew away like a drunken bumble bee.
Mother Nature… you are so cool.

I saw these two great pieces of graffiti on Canyon Road, and I stopped to look at them much longer than any other graffiti I’ve passed before. I mean… you don’t get quality graffiti like this just anywhere! Maybe the requirements are that all of your low-income inhabitants are artists, and all of your high-income folks are artists, too, who can’t paint over these kinds of things without looking, “uncool.” That must be it!

A panda falling with two guns held high- then another artist came in and scribbled balloons into his hands and a smile on his face- he even signed it on the other side of the pole. I love the good humor of man!

R2-D2 with a crown? Such a cool collage. But what does it mean?!?! Maybe he’s go a really good idea? A short circuit? A medieval halo? Ah, well. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy it for visual’s sake. The adobe texture really makes this look like an overly gessoed art piece. Brilliant! Why can’t all graffiti be this great?

I came home the other day to find my mother elbow-deep in the concord grape vine behind our house…

A little harvesting made me feel very “useful” and made me appreciate all the work farmers must do when fall comes. What a difficult job they have!

I don’t normally think too hard about handled baskets- they’ve always been a part of decor and design for me- occasionally holding bread on the dinner table. But using a basket how its meant is really insightful into the design of it. Women who used these all the time ‘back in the day’ must have had really strong forearms!

What a haul! Even the frog is shocked by the backyard abundance!

The last of the tomatoes…

My mother and sister make crab apple jelly every year… I wonder if they’ll show me their secrets.

I dunno what these pretty orange flowers are- but they are quite delicate for a fall flower. I love their shade of orange!

And lastly, the end of the roses. Ah… such pretty things. I will be thinking of them all winter!