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So, I have been in two shows this year at Lowbrow Denver, and had a really great time making items specifically for those shows.


In the most recent show, they were asking for “Toys.” I took this to mean that they wanted custom toys similar to the ones they sell in their shop. You know, Kid Robot, Muni, TokiDoki, etc…


I used a bunny skull that I found in the backyard one day- cleaned it up a bit (I don’t like them super white) then I gave it an off-white crochet mask and set it on the head of a blind-bag Toki-Doki unicorn that I’d painted blue. I liked getting to think outside the usual box. Best of all- the piece sold! Yay!


The first show of the year was a “Black Velvet Show” in which I was given a black velvet canvas, and then I created a piece of work around it.


I posted a blurry pic before. In this one I used a turkey skull given to me by a fellow knitting friend who raises fowl of all sorts. (I have great friends)


Also, here is the different between a turkey skull and a chicken skull in case you were wondering:


And as for what’s happening now… I just got a size 16 crochet hook from some other awesome friends (pictured below) and I’m excited to crochet some tiny tatting threads I’ve been hoarding! Who knows what’ll happen? It’s all magic and mystery…



I am happy to report that my hanging devices for my teacups have withstood the test. They’ve been up for months, now, and even lived stress-free through a roofing job, which sent other pictures on my walls off their nails. Not these guys! They’re tough! I do love epoxy…

On a sad note… I’m being forced to admit that my sad little box camera has fallen out of my pocket one too many times. I think it’s getting fuzzy around the edges. I may have to buy a grown-up camera with real lenses and stuff soon. Sticker shock! Ah! Any favorites out there? Looking at the Cannon Rebel at the moment…

A gusty wind and a fierce hailstorm came through our backyard a few nights ago.  The wreckage gave me six meters of a disressed fence spread out over the yard.   Nature’s destruction inspired me!  Remember the fox skull? He finally got some skin.




lace gamble quail skull

This is where I am right now. In between knitting, embroidery, and stamping, I am dragging from the depths, beyond the mundane, lace skulls from my inner self. They come slowly, but with great satisfaction. This gamble quail is only an inch wide, and perhaps two inches long. It is so small, I feared breaking it, but the trooper clung together, and now it has a crochet lace net to hold it together even more.

I think he’s happier.

Next attempt- all white.

I am SO excited for the craft fair this weekend! I have this crazy new creative energy and I’m getting exceedingly productive in this eleventh hour.

Today I was wrapping up a few of the lace bags I’ve been working on.

Have I mentioned how much I love lace? And how my favorite color is teal?

Does anyone else make things, and then secretly hope nobody buys them? ^_^

I’ve been messing around with an old suitcase, thinking about display options for my lace jewelry… it’s a bit of a conundrum. I love clutter, and the mystique of a dusty antique shoppe, but it’s hard to say if that’s a good way to focus customers on what you’re selling Maybe clean cut is better? Who knows!

Don’t forget the craft fair, Saturday, October 1st at Ketring Park in Littleton, Colorado. I’ll be in the middle! It’s gonna be a gorgeous day!

I was in a bind the other day- it was nearing midnight and I didn’t have a present ready for a friend who was leaving town. I had to make something quick- and small! Racking my brain, I came up with a simple solution- lace. More specifically some lace motifs.

So I started making motifs, and after getting two done, I realized I didn’t have a plan for putting them together. So I improvised. I stitched around one, made the “chain,” then stitched around the other, connecting them with a lace pattern inbetween. Fun! This would be a great necklace with a navy blue billowy top. I picture a sailor’s wife liking it’s inability to rust on the salty sea.