I don’t know how this happened.  A year ago, this wall above my bed was a blank wall… and then…

I read a blog where a designer said she only kept empty frames in her bedrooms so that she wouldn’t have nightmares.  I can’t remember the reasoning behind it, but it seemed to make sense at the time, so I started collecting old frames from antique and thrift stores.

Then posters started creeping into my frames…  I was recently given the print of the girl with the umbrella for Christmas by a good friend.  It is by artist Kristin Kemper, who I think is genius.

I also have that sick affinity for paper that most artists do.  Those big drawers at art stores that you can pull out and leaf through expensive swaths of paper, like fabric in their patterns, always call to me, even though I have no plan for their use.  I finally just stuck some up on the wall because I couldn’t bear to stash them away somewhere.  Now it’s growing!  My new favorite place to buy paper is here:  Kozo: Fine Art Materials  in Denver.  But Meininger is always great, too.

Covering a whole wall like this would be fun!  Image

P.S.  The decaying wood on the wall is the guts of an old piano that had been left outside.  I love how it looks like a fish skeleton… since you know how much I like the beautiful macabre of the skeleton.