Those of you who read my blog have figured out that I’m a sucker for cool graffiti. Not the average tags and names- but cute stuff that makes me smile more than a blank wall would. While I was in Paris, Germany, and Spain, I took some photos of my favs. I now realize, that I have no pictures of German graffiti! Wonderous strange!

french metro graffiti-popes
Saw these dudes scribbled on a Paris Metro billboard. I think they’re popes… or clergy? Not sure, but I love how much time this had to take the guy who was obviously drawing with a sharpie on public property in the middle of a metro tube… and no one else cared.

Meow meow graffiti
On a random street in St. Germain. This was some sort of obstruction to keep a car from coming up onto the corner, I think. Well decorated for sure.

Paris metro tile
I know that the art on descending metro stairs isn’t technically graffiti, but it is so varied from stop to stop that I enjoyed every one individually anyway. This was my favorite. I think it’s the Rue de Bac station.

heads on the street graffiti
Who doesn’t love heads on a sidewalk? I don’t know how these were painted/drizzled onto the pavement, but it seemed the same texture as the paint used in marking out the lines on a street. From Paris outside the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

Also not graffiti, per se, but a very neat way to decorate a wall on a low budget. I think this was on a side street in Zaragosa, Spain.

Also from Zaragosa. It seems that this was a billboard that an artist “stole” and painted over. Very clever.

spain graffiti
I really hope this is a Transformer… In Zaragosa, Spain.

squirrel graffiti
This is my favorite by far. So favorite that I’m giving you two images of this bad-boy.
Understand that this image was taken in an extremely small alley around midnight while I was under the influence of tapas and wine. I was standing on someone’s doorstep to get this shot!

As you can see… pure awesome. Another example of an artist “borrowing” the billboard, but this genius takes the cake! I love the x-ray break used. Very cool. This artist also did a really tall rabbit in the same style that I saw while on a bus- I think someone faster than me took a picture, but I haven’t tracked that person down yet.

Ha ha! Barceloneta, you are hilarious! This photo was snapped at the port of Barcelona, near that crazy tall statue of Columbus pointing to America. I love blobby dudes.

mario graffiti
Pixel-mario graffiti! Aw-yeah! This was sprayed on a temporary construction fence outside the metro one takes to get to Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain. Te amo, Mario!

Well- that’s all the ones I have now. I know there are more on my mother’s camera, and like I said, some other travelers took some for me, so I’ll put them up as I find them. Enjoy the under-funded-city-improvement-happy art!