Recently on my drive to work, I heard a fascinating story on NPR about an Eagle Repository down in my very own Denver, Colorado.

An Eagle repository? Doesn’t that sound crazy? It was love at first hearing, and I delved in to a little more research on the matter.

As we all know- it’s illegal to kill a bald eagle, and perhaps you may also know that it is illegal to find a dead bald eagle and take him home with you… even taking a feather for your cap is a faux pas. This has always saddened me. I find a lot of dead birds- and I wish I could scoop them up and take them home, but without a permit for half of them, I’d be in huge trouble. the other half, like song birds, are never legal to take home. That’s just not fair. They’re dead! They’re not doing anything! But oh well. One can only argue with the law for so long.

At any rate- the Eagle Repository is a place that collects dead eagles, catalogs and packages them, and then gives them to Native Americans who have been on waiting lists for eagle parts which they use in ceremonies and rituals. The waiting list is long- and it only allows for card-carrying natives, but I’m wondering if I could go see the facility. It’d be a pretty fascinating field trip. I’ll let you know if it pans out.

In the meantime, here’s the link to the NPR show: Colorado Public Radio: Inside the Eagle Repository