Today I stopped by a bicycle shop on my way home from work. I’d been meaning to look at bikes ever since I returned to Colorado six months ago.
I walked in to Campus Cycles near the Denver University campus and was immediately greeted and asked what I was looking for. I shyly admitted that I wasn’t a “for serious” rider, and I wanted a cute little bike I could ride around town- preferably one with a basket. With no admonishment, I was shown several bikes, they made sure they understood everything I wanted- and they listened! They didn’t try to sell me something more “serious” or something out of my price range. It was pretty refreshing!

Anyway, I was introduced to my dream bike. This is the one, folks:
The Electra Ticino 8D in wintermint blue, with beautiful lines and eye-catching hammered metal hubs.
(This photo taken from Electra’s website:

You know the sound you get when that ray of light comes down from the heavens and everything lines up perfectly? Yeah. That’s the sound you should be hearing when viewing this bike.

Now… where can I get $800 to buy it? Hm…

Okay, so I might have found a better one… the year before, in 2011, Electra made a super teal bike with classic brown leather appendages. 2011 Ticino 7D. Yeouch!