On cold nights, nothing comforts me more than hot chocolate. Marshmallows help, of course. I have an uncle that buys me different gourmet chocolates every Christmas. I’ve even had Elvis Peanut Butter Banana Hot Chocolate. Whaaaaaat? Yeah, you heard me! This year I got Dagoba Chai Hot Chocolate. Whew! Spicy!
Still, all my years of hot chocolate drinking experience couldn’t prepare me for this:

Drinking Chocolate!
Not hot chocolate. Drinking chocolate! Found in a small shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Kakawa.
It’s thick, it’s rich, and it’s delicious. I tried spicy ones, sweet ones, and ones that hardly resembled chocolate they were so flowery! They call them Elixirs.
This is the way the Aztecs drank chocolate. They even had the recipe for the way Marie Antoinette drank her chocolate! You can drink about the amount you commonly find in an espresso shot, but not much else unless you’re a die-hard sweet tooth! That’s okay, because that’s all they offer.

This is my uncle drinking chocolate in their earthy, cozy shop. Don’t you love their porcelain? They really thought about their mode of transport for this stuff. They could have used a teacup and been all wrong!

Though I haven’t been there in a few months, I keep thinking about that smooth, flavorful chocolate, and I know it’s the first place I’ll hit next time I’m down in the painted desert. Maybe I can will myself there if I dream about it hard enough…