I came home the other day to find my mother elbow-deep in the concord grape vine behind our house…

A little harvesting made me feel very “useful” and made me appreciate all the work farmers must do when fall comes. What a difficult job they have!

I don’t normally think too hard about handled baskets- they’ve always been a part of decor and design for me- occasionally holding bread on the dinner table. But using a basket how its meant is really insightful into the design of it. Women who used these all the time ‘back in the day’ must have had really strong forearms!

What a haul! Even the frog is shocked by the backyard abundance!

The last of the tomatoes…

My mother and sister make crab apple jelly every year… I wonder if they’ll show me their secrets.

I dunno what these pretty orange flowers are- but they are quite delicate for a fall flower. I love their shade of orange!

And lastly, the end of the roses. Ah… such pretty things. I will be thinking of them all winter!