I had such a fun time making bobby pins for the craft fair- I couldn’t care less if they sold or not. I learned a lot, too! Here are some tips on making beaded bobby pins…

#1- Use thin wire. As in- 22g, thin. Thick wire takes up that needed space between the two tines that is wanted for your hair!

#2- When cutting your wire, leave the tail end of the wire tucked into the holes of already affixed beads so that there isn’t a pointy end waving around waiting to snag some poor unsuspecting finger.

#3- No glue. What a mess! Why bother, when wire works great?

#4- Sometimes less is more. The more your put on a bobby pin- they less it is able to do its job. This is especially true for lovely folks like myself with super thin hair- a heavy bobby pin isn’t doing anyone any favors.

#5- SiZe, size, SIZE! Changing the size of your beads in an abstract composition is pretty vital to the interest of the piece- even though it is small. Use small, medium, and one large focal bead to keep things interesting.

#6- Color. Danger! Alsn loves her analogous colors. It’s safe. Many hues from the same color family are an easy win. Add one color from the opposite side of the spectrum for some pop, but keep it kosher… unless you want an eighties pin. If that’s the case: You go, girl!

#7- No gaps. Wind your wire really tight. You don’t want gaps between the bobby pin and the beads- and you don’t want big open wire loops. They will only end up snagging your hair and making you miserable. Sad hair!

Click through the gallery below to see larger images of some of the bobby pins I made. It’s pretty addicting!