I am SO excited for the craft fair this weekend! I have this crazy new creative energy and I’m getting exceedingly productive in this eleventh hour.

Today I was wrapping up a few of the lace bags I’ve been working on.

Have I mentioned how much I love lace? And how my favorite color is teal?

Does anyone else make things, and then secretly hope nobody buys them? ^_^

I’ve been messing around with an old suitcase, thinking about display options for my lace jewelry… it’s a bit of a conundrum. I love clutter, and the mystique of a dusty antique shoppe, but it’s hard to say if that’s a good way to focus customers on what you’re selling Maybe clean cut is better? Who knows!

Don’t forget the craft fair, Saturday, October 1st at Ketring Park in Littleton, Colorado. I’ll be in the middle! It’s gonna be a gorgeous day!