A little bird came to visit my sunny room this morning…

The pattern comes from Sew Sunny Homestyle, by Tone Finnanger, mentioned before on this blog.
He is too cute, to be sure, but it’s so difficult to turn all his long, narrow appendages inside-out after sewing, and the instructions leave much wanting! I had to dream up my own way to a few endings. Still, I can’t wait to sew him a little friend.

He came out of one of the new fabrics I picked up a few days ago at a fabric store I discovered in Englewood, Colorado. This store, Wooden Spools is a unique place. They buy fabric from… consumers! Folks who bought too much fabric “back in the day” or were serious stash hoarders, like myself, who finally decide to get rid of their fabric, can sell it to these folks by the pound. (More info on their website) Quite a novel way to get rid of it all, honestly! The store, in turn, folds it neatly, as the pieces range from 1/4 yard to whole bolts, and sorts it by quality and color, and prices it so reasonably that it was hard to walk out of the store with as little as I did! Here was my stash:

The ladies who run the store and quite nice, and very helpful, and it looks like they have some great classes, so I highly recommend stopping by!