While I was in NYC this last week, I saw some spectacular things- I couldn’t have asked for a better guide, a great friend from high school, who painstakingly looked up the long list of places I wanted to go and charted them out on a map with me- then she even carried me along at NYC speed to find all the stores. It would have taken me weeks to find them all- and we pretty much covered them all in two days thanks to her brilliance.

Here is the list of places I just HAD to see, and I would suggest them to anyone with a crafty heart:

: HABU :
A Japanese textile/yarn store, filled with baskets and shelves of goodies that you can’t resist. I somehow wound myself up in over $100 worth of steel-cored wool and bamboo lace-weight yarn that is SO amazing. If they hadn’t been on the verge of closing the store for the day, I’m sure I would have done a lot more damage than that.
135 West 29th Street, Suite 804, New York, NY 10001

This fabric store holds a special magic for me- I discovered its blog in Japan when I needed resources and methods, and it delivered! Finally getting to the store itself was incredible! Their Japanese fabric selection is really well curated, and their Liberty of London fabric…. *drool* I didn’t even look at their colorful yarns, and crewel needle embroidery! I accidentally spent too much in here, too. Oops.
459 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

This store leans a bit more to my love for Japan: if you want a kimono, a hair pin, or anything beautiful that screams, “Japan!” then this is your store. It is across the street from Purl Soho, and if you need a unique gift, it’s pretty spectacular. I even discovered a new artist there, Fiore Tomoco, who I’ll talk up in a later post.
464 Broome Street, NY, NY 10013

: Kinokuniya Bookstore :
If you love crafts- nothing beats a Japanese craft book. I’ve listed them on my blog before, talking about how easy it is to read their lace crochet instructions, but all of their craft books are eye-candy, so I really recommend heading for the basement level and getting your hands on some. Sadly, they’re double the price they are in Japan, but still worth it! They also have that awesome colorful masking tape, and lots of Japanese stationery, here, so stock up!
1073 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10018

: New York Central Art Supply :
Obviously having never lived in NYC, I don’t know all the art stores, but I chose this one based on reading about it in a blog. It’s a small shop with a lot of art supplies jammed in! I truly enjoyed the 2nd floor where they had all the paper- lots of paper! I finally found some of the golden Florentine paper my father likes so much.
62 Third Ave., NY, NY 10001

For more Japanese stationery that screams minimalist design, head here, to MUJI. MUJI is short for Mujirushiihin, meaning, “No brand, good quality.” Their motto is, “It’ll do.” Everything they make is made with the simplest design possible with no marking of their brand anywhere on the product. Do refreshing! I adore their rollerball pens that come in 7 colors, and always stock up. They make great sketchbooks, too!
455 Broadway, New York, NY 10013

: Tinsel Trading :
I stumbled on this store, which stole my breath away! Set up like a French market of sorts, the antique quality of the shop exuded from every drawer, shelf, and rack! Very well displayed, and a delight to stroll through. I found a lot of unique threads, vintage silk flowers, and endless trims (a whole wall full) as well as from golden paper angel wings I’d been looking for. Wonderful!

Of course there is always Anthropologie! 4 locations in Manhattan- though I only got to the one near Rockerfeller Center. Worth it! I got teal heels! Woo-hoo!

I could go on forever about other shops I stepped in to along the way, but I’ll hold off there. These were the must-sees of my trip, and I highly suggest them to anyone who has a day in Manhattan. Best of luck!