Last week I said my good-byes to a place I’d worked for exactly one year and a day. Funny how these things work out. Working there was hard- emotionally abusive, and did a lot to embitter me. I was fairly naive coming in to this line of work, and having been in the sensitive and ridiculously polite land of Japan for 2 years, I was not ready for the barrage of the reality of man. I honestly believe that everyone should be a server at some point in their life- like military service- just so that they understand how the restaurant industry works and don’t treat future servers ill for reasons not their fault. Folding up my apron at the end of my last shift, I was overwhelmed with relief that I’d probably never have to work in a restaurant again, and I took a few pictures to reminds me of the good things in my job so that my visual memory, at least, would be positive.