As my personal friends who follow my blog already know, I’m moving soon, and because of that, I’ve been making a list of things I have to do before I go. One of them is go to New York while it’s still only a $20 bus ride away- another is going to the Torpedo Factory down in Virginia, and of course a last-minute endurance race around the 19 Smithsonians of DC.

But one of my more material desires came to pass when I drove down to G-Street Fabrics this Labor Day weekend for their 20% off sale. It was my ticket to finally buying all those patterned fabrics that have been haunting me for the past year (okay, maybe it’s been less time than that, but it feels like a whole year). I regret that I never got to take the pattern-drafting course they offer, but I imagine there must be a class that covers that in Colorado… somewhere.
After an hour of careful, soul-searching deliberation, I said my goodbyes to the bolts at G-Street Fabric, and picked out the chosen few to taken home with me.

This and above from Moda’s line, “A Morris Tapestry.” I became fascinated with William Morris on a trip to Pasadena last fall when I saw the Gamble House by Greene and Greene. That house flung open doors in my mind that before had only been open a crack, and my love and appreciation for the Arts and Crafts Movement became full-fledged. The Huntington Library in Pasadena also celebrated a bit of the Morris design and my impression of his twirling vines and hidden birds became cemented firmly in my heart. I have seen William Morris’ designs popping up everywhere lately, and I think it’s because it’s his 150 year anniversary. At any rate, I love seeing it, and I’m all the more excited to have some of his fabric. I know just the quilt I want to make with them.

The fabrics above are pure cotton lawn. They look a lot like Liberty Lawn, but were half the price (Still expensive though!). I can’t recall the designer’s name, but I love their bright patterns! The joy of cotton lawn is how soft and smooth it is, most like silk, without being completely impractical. So, what am I going to do with these? Oh… I’ll think of something. ^_^

Is G-Street Fabrics the only place that sells these fabrics? No. Could I have bought all of these online? Of course. But I’m an old-fashioned sort of girl, and there’s nothing better than a piece of fabric from a specific place to remind you of the good times you had there. Years from now I’ll be sitting on a quilt, and one of the fabrics will catch my eye. I’ll touch that patch of fabric like touching a memory and think, “I remember that fabric store… I remember DC.” And it’ll all have been worth it.