Fun fun! I’ve been looking for a watering can for my indoor plants, but they are all either too big or too plastic and I just want a small metal thing to do the job. Not too hard to find, right? Well, apparently I haven’t been looking in the right places.
So on a recent trek to Target I found a super cheap bright pink metal watering can. Whoa!
Of course I had to make it mine- so I went about personalizing it in the following fashion. By the way, this would make a great father’s day present if your dad is a gardener!

Step one:
I drew out a bird shape and some cursive lettering on medium weight paper.

Step Two:
Roughly cut out the design, not the details, then adheared double-sided tape to the back of the paper. Warning: the tape must have a removable backing on it to keep it from sticking to your work surface.

Step Three:
Cut out the design with an exacto knife on a cutting mat. You want a sharp knife so that the blade doesn’t just pull the paper away from the tape.

Step Four:
Remove the backing of the tape.

Step Five:
Stick the design wherever you want on whatever clean, flat surface you desire. Smooth the paper down so that all the edges are stuck well.

Step Six:
Take a trip outside, set it on some newspapers that have been spread out on the grass. Hold your pray can fairly far away while you spray- and be sure to get all angles (I didn’t get under the spout very well). This works better if you have a workbench or something taller to spray paint on. Let it dry!

Step Seven:
Once dry, check for any spots you missed. None? Great! Gently pull off the paper and double-sided stick tape. It shouldn’t put up much of a fight. Wa-la! You’ve got a personalized piece!

So easy! And why stop at watering cans?