While home in Colorado last, my mother and I did the craft circuit and I got to hit up Hobby Lobby for the brightly colored crochet thread that is SO hard to find! The brand is called Lizbeth, and from what I can tell they were going out of stock at the store I was visiting, making me wonder if they were going to cease purchasing them. On a quick Google search it looks like they are available at Joaans, Hobby Lobby, and Hanncock, but who knows what each store stocks.

I found the most thread for sale, here, at Zig-Zag Corner: Tatting. So many colors! So little time!

My mother bought me quite a few balls of thread and even gave me some for Easter, so I’ve got lots of new crocheting to get busy with! I’ve done a handful of flowers since then- all made up, silly, and lop-sided, but I really need to get back to my book of patterns!

If anyone else knows a reliable brand, let me know! I’m all ears.