My sister recently asked for a set of decorated bobby pins for her birthday, and I was super happy to make them. I really like it when people ask me to make them something specifically because a.) I know they’re going to like it for the most part and b.) I get excited about making it.

I’d made a few bobby pins in the past and got frustrated by the wire getting in my way, so this time I went and got some 22 gauge wire and it was much less bulky than before. I just don’t trust glue on these guys- I’ve had bad glue experiences in my life, so if I can wire or sew it, I will. That being said, I wonder how sewing and wrapping beads on a bobby pin would work… hmm….

I also got together with my mom and started making cute girly headbands for our annual craft fair in Littleton. Making corker bows is a little addicting!

Then I got to thinking about my crochet motifs and thought I’d really like to make those into hair doo-dads. So I set about it and came up with alligator clips covered in lace ribbon- they’re much more sturdy than a bobby pin, and they actually stay in my hair, which I consider to be the best test of all for hair clips. I’m excited to see how it all turns out!