I finally got in my applesauce canning before the apples froze over here in DC. The friendly farmer at the farmers market saved me a box of small apples that were too sour to eat by their lonesome-it took me quite some time to cut them all up and rid them of cores and bugs before they were ready for cooking in the big stock pot. I added ground cloves, sugar, nutmeg, lots of cinnamon, and tons of love. Once they had boiled enough that they were browning and the peels were coming off, I chucked them in the blender and WHIIIIIIIIR! APPLESAUCE!
I adore applesauce with the peels included. First of all- I’m a firm believer in brown applesauce, and second of all, isn’t that where all the good stuff is? I think your mom would agree.

Thankfully all the canning held- except one. That one lonely can was taken to a Chanukah latke party to top off potato cakes. It was my first latke party, and I hope many more are to come! The applesauce was a big hit. One guest came in to the kitchen to ask me if I knew the location of the “older lady who made the applesauce.” I pointed to my 26 year-old-self with a big ‘ole smile. Go canning power!

Now the cans are getting wrapped up for Christmas presents. There are the perfect presents for “Oh-no! I forgot…” Who doesn’t like food?

Meanwhile the Georgia peaches I did earlier are diminished by half, but still going strong. They should last until spring!

I frequently find myself being overly jealous of my sister who is a canning fiend! She had a share in a farm co-op this year and was putting out cans every day, it seemed. Meanwhile, my mother was busy canning all the sour squirrel-bitten apples of our backyard. Does anyone else have pesky squirrels that take one bite of the apple and throw it to the ground? What inconsiderate rats! Mom also went around to the neighbors and asked if she could have their crab apples off their tree. Of course the neighbors were delighted to get rid of them. It made for some beautiful pink jelly! I got a few cans from them when I visited last fall. What a lovely gift they made! I felt so special receiving their hard work. (I’d show you a picture of her chocolate-mint crab apple jelly, and her apple chutney, but Ive already eaten it all!)