I adore color.
All my life I’ve been attracted to the rainbow.
In middle school I did my science fair project on the amount of heat absorbed by different colors.
My room was always an explosion of ROY G. BIV, and my wardrobe must have sent off a million ‘wrong ideas’ about my sexual preference growing up. I even had a painting teacher assume I was a lesbian because of my hat and gloves.

In college I constructed an installation of 3,000 paper cranes ordered in rainbow color. It was stunning, and surprise even to me when it finally took shape.

Nowadays I try to be a little more subtle in my color palette. I try to concentrate on one color at a time. My current favorite is teal, but when I get a chance to let the rainbow out, I do.

I order my fabric in rainbows: (yes mom, I know that this is only 10% of my fabric collection and that 90% of it is still in your basement!)

My embroidery floss:

My tatting thread:

My spool thread:

Even my closet (this habit came from a college roommate of mine):

I guess I’m addicted to the hues of the world. But I think everyone with a love for beauty is. Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only one with a life full of prisms, I just wanted to share the humor in the moment.