I have friends who adore cacti. They collect them, name them, and croon over every stage of their slow development.
I, however, have never caught the bug. Those alien shapes scared me, and I could never tell if what I was looking at was dead or alive…
…until now.

If I knew cacti could get that big or get this beautiful, or hold this many patterns… I never would have mocked their existence.

At the Huntington Library in Pasadena, California, my mother and I explored the cacti garden with fervor. What a place! This HUGE garden was amazing- and you’d be crazy not to visit it if you’re ever in Pasadena. They have art museums, libraries, and incredible vistas. You know those famous child full-body portraits, Blue Boy and Pinkie? They’re there! Incredible!

This agave cactus led to some drama between it and my finger. I couldn’t help but want to pet the long inner frond- it looked so soft! Naturally my finger came away with a nice gash down the middle of it for being stupid. Those barbs on the ends didn’t look THAT sharp!

I mean… have you ever seen a cactus that big? (I know my friend Chelsea in Arizona has a nice snide remark to this, so I’m going to preempt her.) Well I’d never seen one that big, so I was blown away.

My mother (who also happen to be from Arizona) says you can make jam with those red berries. Anyone ever tried it?

Bottom line is- if you’re in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, be sure to check out the Huntington Library and it’s marvels. You won’t regret it!