Well, I have officially been in my first “real” craft fair. Sure, I’ve been in little set-up-your-card-table-here fairs, and even helped my mom with one when I was in middle school, but this was big! BIG! I used to go to the Littleton Craft Fair every year. It’s huge! A whole park full of crafts- and I never ever wondered how it all got there! AHHHHH!

Crafting is fun, neat, delicate work for me. I love doing it. It relieves stress and makes me a tranquil being.

Being in a craft fair- is a little…whoa.

Being in a park we had to get all of our stuff from the truck which was parked a quarter mile away, to the tent. My stuff- no problem. Hedgehog pincushions and lace necklaces don’t take up much room. But my mother’s tiered china cupcake plates… all 100 of them… what a nightmare!
I’d do it all again any day, but not unless I knew I had some serious brawn at my side. I noticed my brother and sister were magically unavailable. (Okay, so the brother is at a meditation camp and my sister had a PT test, I guess those are important.)

Anyway, serious fun! We made up all our expenses, so we were very happy. But my mom still has 50 or so tiered china plates she’s gonna have to do something with… hmmm, is that more craft fairs calling? Ha!

I will be updating my Etsy Shop and quite a few posts from fabulous adventures in California as soon as possible. Currently my internet is out at home (again!) and Verizon doesn’t think I’m very important, so… we’ll see how long it all takes.