I went on a spontaneous trip to Ocean City, Maryland a few days ago. I’d been told for two years that I needed to go, and I felt like I had missed the ocean for long enough that when I was given two days off in a row, I took it as a sign. Bags were packed and I was off for my semi-spontaneous excursion all by myself! I had a very good time, and I’m glad I went, but I don’t know if Ocean City is really my brand of vacation. One too many neon lights, and a beach so clean you could eat off it- something felt a little out of place in my heart, not to mention I couldn’t find a place to get a cup of coffee anywhere in 100 blocks. How does that happen? I thought Starbucks had invaded every city on Earth!

Here are some pictures of the trip:

My favorite experience of the trip was walking down the boardwalk at dusk with the full moon over the water and a caramel apple in my hand. Yum!

I saw a whale!

And I want to thank this store for existing in a slew of plastic made-in-China storefronts:
Salt Yarns What a great store! Packed to the brim with exciting needlepoint patterns, yarns, and I even found some teeny tiny 20 gauge DMC floss for necklaces!

On the way home I stopped at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge State Park. It was really nice! I found some super-smooth stones and glass, (I’m such a hoarder).