These are the kind of cupcakes I’m helping my mother to make for the Littleton, Colorado Craft Fair October 3rd. I couldn’t find a tutorial online for the kind of cupcake I wanted to make, so I thought I’d share my experiments here. Let me know how yours turn out!

Glue, scissors, pen, stapler
Scrap corduroy for the base (I used an old pant leg)
Scrap of fabric for the “muffin top” part of the cupcake
Thin cardboard like from a cereal box
Batting (stuffing)
(You can put emery sand in the bottom of your cupcake to keep it weighted and sharpen your needles over time.)

Step one:
Gather Materials.
With a pen sketch out an arch like the one pictured below on a piece of cardboard. Cut it out and curl it around like a funnel to see if the proportions fit. If not- try again. This is how I found the shape and size I wanted. You can always cut open a real cupcake sleeve to get the idea.

Step Two:
Once you have your arch defined, secure the funnel with a staple to hold its shape. It should stand flat at this point.

Step Three:
Cut out the base of the cupcake. The circle cut must be a little larger than the circle left open at the bottom of the funnel created in step 2. Cut little slits into the circle towards the center, radiating around the piece. These pieces will be folded inward, making the shape seen above.

Step Four:
Glue around the outside of the tabs created in step 3 on the circular bottom piece, and then slip into the funnel, pressing into the bottom to make the cupcake “sleeve.” Press onto table to ensure flatness. Let dry.

Step Five:
Glue around the outside of the funnel piece, around top edge, bottom edge, and a zig-zag of glue between them. Adhere the corduroy to one side, working your way around the piece. If you cut out a strip of fabric, you will have to pulls the fabric together around the bottom to keep the lines vertical. It will bunch a little, but the glue should old it down. I leave enough to hang off the bottom and top at least 1/4 of an inch. Then I cut darts into the bottom and glue it flat to the base, and glue around the top and curl the fabric into the inside of the funnel.

Step Six:
Cut out a circle of corduroy for the base and glue it to cover the overlapping darts from step five.
Let dry.

Step seven:
Cut out a circle of fabric to represent the top of the cupcake. Sew a running base stitch around the circumference of the cupcake. Pull the string to draw fabric in.

Step Eight:
Stuff with stuffing tightly, pull in fabric with thread to desired size. Secure with stitching.

Step Nine:
Stuff the corduroy sleeve with stuffing as tightly as possible. Position the “poof” on top of the corduroy sleeve and keep it held tightly to avoid stuffing flying everywhere. Secure the poof to the sleeve by stitching around the edge. One stitch in the top fabric, one stitch in the bottom sleeve, continue all the way around the circumference.

Step Ten:
Add some rick-rack, lace, or ribbon to the edges, and something for the top. Top with a button or a bead and you’ve got yourself a lovely little cupcake. ^_^