I was perusing a few images online- trying to think of a way to display necklaces at a craft fair. I really feel like minimalism is the best approach since it shows off your work, but I also love the idea of trees and nature- so I tried making a tree form out of coat hangers. It’s ridiculously easy to do, and if you do a lot of dry cleaning with a company that uses white hangers you can get this awesome old white tree look to your stand. There’s no right or wrong way, I’m sure. You simply use a pair of needle-nose pliers (I used a Leatherman) and untwist the coat hanger, then start bending into a root, trunk, and branch. Make another and intertwine them. Make another and another, interweaving the trunk (I wrapped mine around the first one) until you have as many branches as you want. Fun- easy- and a great way to display jewelry on your dresser or somesuch.

Here are a few recent necklaces I’ve been working on: