I’m a Colorado girl at heart, but if there’s one thing I love about living in Maryland, it’s all the flowers! I always enjoy my walks to the metro or in to town when I walk through these cute neighborhoods to drink in the beautiful lawns and architecture.

There are tiny houses with faded white-wash bricks, tall oaks and maples towering over the sidewalk, fences of draped wisteria, bushes of fluffy lavender falling over the grass, and miles of clovers laced in with the fescue. It seems impossible to keep weeds out of the yards, and I really don’t mind. It’s gorgeous, lush, and green!

Most of all, I just love the wild, color-spotted gardens that call out to me from their beds. I wish I would hop into their world live Alice in Wonderland and leave the rest of the day behind.

Here’s hoping you find plenty of color in your walks, too!