Happy Father’s Day!
Is it just me, or are men ridiculously hard to make things for? Maybe I just have the wrong kind of men in my life, but I always fret over what I can make that they won’t look at like a macaroni picture frame, especially on Father’s Day.
If I would have thought of this idea sooner, I would have written this post a few days ago, but it just came to me last night when I was wracking my brain for a gift to make my father.

Wine Tags!

The idea is that when a person gives a bottle of wine (as my father is prone to do) they have this cute handmade envelope with matching card inside that fits over the neck of the bottle and decorates it without having to go through the trouble of a bag or bow or anything like that. I’m so glad I thought of it in time!

Here are some further images- I used pages from an old book, maps, old tags, stamps, and sheet music, then simple layering of paper on the inside with iconic stamps. I didn’t want to get too girly, but I may have done so by using the birds. Whoops. Trees, fish, boats, and such might be a better image idea for stamping and whatnot.

I do love birds… I think my family suffers for it.

To make it even easier, I put double-sided tape on the corner of the envelope’s top flap, leaving the sticker on it so he can take it off later to seal the envelope. Cause if I know my dad… he won’t be able to find tape when he needs it.

Wrap up together with a bit of string and you’ve got yourself a clever father’s day present!