Well, here’s not just one, but two finished scarves that I promised pictures of-
I finished the guy-scarf, and I even made one for my mom.

My mother’s scarf has a bit of a story behind it. I bought the yarn in a small mom-and-pop store in Takamatsu, Japan, trying to find something to buy to support their business. The yarn was gorgeous and reminded me of my mother right away- but I could only afford two skeins. (No credit cards in Japan-land) I was sure I could do something with it. That was nearly 3 years ago! I finally busted it out and got to work, but as I was working, I realized this was going to be one short scarf! So I made a double-knit at the end, basically making a tube where the first end could pass through it and secure without needing to be long and knotted. Does that make sense? ^_^