My good friend in Madison, Wisconsin sent me an Italian skirt her mother had bought 30 years ago. Her mother wore it, and she wore it, even though they both seemed to despise it’s vivid orange color. So when the poor thing began to degrade, and patching wasn’t going to do it anymore, they sent it to me. I took it apart, made a pattern with the pieces and put a new one together in navy blue. It took me a while- I’ve never done something like this before. I learned a lot! I learned how to put pockets in skirts, and I learned where to find pre-sewn hooks and eyes of doom. ^_^ Yeah for not having to sew each one by hand!
I still have to make another one (one for mother, one for daughter) but the first is at last complete! Huzzah!


p.s. I had to make a prototype of this skirt to see how the pieces went together- I happened to make it in my size. It has a few valuable mistakes sewn into it, but I like it anyway! Whee!