My best friend of the male variety asked me to make him a scarf. (He has also asked for pirate coats, hemmed pants, and any other number of things) but when he asked for a scarf I jumped at the opportunity. I have this hang-up with scarves. I make them- but I can’t give them away. Either I feel like the people I’m giving them to won’t like them, and will be annoyed by the cliched “scarf” present. or I feel it’s not good enough- too many errors, etc etc. But this time I decided I would make a nice scarf with nice yarn (not the cheap stuff!) and I would rip out wrong stitches, and he’ll undoubtedly want it, so no problem!
Here’s where I am now:

I’ve really enjoyed the process this time around. Taking my time and not rushing through it is helping, and knowing he’s going to like it is really warming to my heart.
I’m alternating a single crochet stitch that hooks into only one side of the bottom stitch, and a double-stitch that leave more flexibility tot he scarf. The striation is nice- and it’s compounded by the striation of the colors, black and grey.

Here’s something I’d like to discuss about arts and crafts- and the difference there within.
If I was just crocheting this scarf with 12 rows black, 12 rows grey, for the rest of the scarf- it would be a craft. It would also be senseless because you can buy that same scarf at any store for cheaper than buying the yarn. (Without self-satisfaction, of course.) Thinking about this really affects me. It affected me ever since I was weaving curtains one day and my teacher asked me, “Why are you just doing a plain weave? You could go down to the fabric store and buy a plain weave, you know. What makes this different? Why are you spending the time?” So it got me thinking about how to make the things I do personal. That can be tough. With this scarf, for instance, I’m going to gradually decrease the width of the stripes down to 1″ stripes at the other end of the scarf to make it a little artistic. That satiated my desire to make it personal, and I’m such more satisfied.

Do you all ever have this on-going battle within you, making something you’ve seen before versus making something uniquely you?