I love making lace motifs. These little wheels of confusion bring me endless delight. I spent last year making them in pinks and browns to fashion a scarf for my mother. Phew. That took a while.
But now they’ve started piling up again after watching movies with friends and wanting to keep my hands busy. So I started making jewelry with them in an effort to get them off the coffee table. What do you think? Dorky? I like them, but I like most things I make because of the enjoyment of the process- so who knows if they’re actually worthwhile to anyone else.

If you’re interested in making your own lace motifs, you really should look into it! It’s much easier than it seems, and while time intensive, it doesn’t take up much space and you can do it anywhere!
I learned from Japanese books, which are super easy to understand because they’re all diagrams and pictures instead of crochet jargon with numbers and letters. So you don’t need to speak Japanese.
I got my books in Japan (they’re so cheap there!) But you can pick some of them up at this online store in the US: Kinokuniya. I am currently eyeing this one. It’s titled, “Beginning with thick thread lace crocheting.”