I love Ikea.

Even if you don’t like their modern aesthetic, how can you not help but fall materialistically in love with a store that tries to be simple, affordable, and easy to take home?

Having grown up in Colorado, we never had an Ikea. My friend in Minnesota introduced me, and then another friend in California made the habit worse. Now I live down the highway from one and I’ve been there once a month since I arrived in February. It’s an expensive habit. A cheap expensive habit.
One thing I’ve always wanted at Ikea are their Fira box-shelves. I remember the first few times I went, I had my hands full and my bank broken, so I couldn’t really partake of their fun compartments. But the past few visits have led me to barren shelves- sold out! I can see why. Finally, on this last trip to show a first-time-Ikea shopper the ropes, I spied them and pounced. I was so excited to take it home and start putting it together…


They really leave this sucker in parts for you!
I couldn’t believe all the screwing and nailing that had to be done, and I didn’t even get the one with 9 drawers! Mine had 12 screws and 44 nails, while the 9-drawer version had 76 nails! Whoa!

All this shock made me realize this was not a before I go to bed task, so I had to stop nailing after my first drawer and wait until morning. (best not to wake the neighbors at midnight.) I am still excited to get to it come sunrise, and even more excited to start painting! I was looking around Ikea Hacker and saw all the fun ways people decorate their Fira drawers. What a hoot! I might just modge podge mine with scrapping paper instead of painting- much safer that way.
Will let you you know how it turns out!