This entry marks the first of the “Today My Heart is…” series.
Let me explain this a little bit.

I bought a blank book.
I do this often.
I’m sure a great many of you out there do the same thing. So many possibilities, right?
Well, I swore that this book, unlike the ten or twenty before it, would have a specific purpose and see even its final pages touched and used. So the purpose had to be decided. Though I can’t say for certain where it came from, I can honestly mark my adoration for the project that ensued- to draw my heart. To sit down and think about what my heart would look like at any given time of the day; isn’t that what we all do when we journal? Don’t we crack open our chests and peer inside and try to find words to describe what we see? Well, I wanted it done with pictures. And I wanted it on lined paper to ensure my metaphor was reached.

Here is the first page of the project:

Here is the text of the poem in the image:

“My time is running out and still
I have not sung
the true song
the great song

I admit that I seem to have lost my courage
a glace at the mirror
a glimpse into my heart
makes me want to shut up forever

so why do you lean me here Lord of my life
lean me at this table in the middle of the night wondering
how to be beautiful”
-Leonard Cohen