I like getting my thoughts on paper.
I like even more getting images on paper.
I forgot how much I liked getting things uploaded on the internet where who-knows can see them.

I found that spending a year without a blog where I write to friends and family left me feeling a little disconnected. So I thought about starting a new blog, but I realized that my life isn’t as exciting as it was when I lived in Japan. And I can’t keep up with a weekly project blog like this one started out being- not that my friends and family would want to see that. I thought about writing about my experiences as a waitress- but I’m afraid it would be too negative.
So I’m going to do this-

I’m taking my craft blog, and I’m going to continue updating tutorials on crafts at the same rate as before. In-between those long intervals, however, I’m going to insert: updates on MY crafting- things that I’m creating, created, and want to create. I’m also going to upload the drawings I do of my heart in my journal- a process of thinking about how I’m feeling in a graphic way, and record thusly. And in-between that, who knows!

I’m excited.
My small craft desk is also excited. It wants more quality time, and this just might do the trick.