The joy of scrapbooking is priceless… until you don’t have any money to spend on those gorgeous embellishments at the store. Then the price looks pretty huge! My two years in Japan taught me to be resourceful (since there were no scrap stores!) and I found easy ways to add texture and depth to my books.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a rustic fabric embellishment. Enjoy!


*piece of fabric (recycled from clothes is good!)
*brown bag (I used an old Chipotle bag)
*needle or sewing machine
*stamp (letters and words give focus to the piece)
*stamp ink (I used brown and black to make it motley)
*brad, grommet, etc.
*patterned paper if desired (I used old sheet music)


Step One:
Stamp your image on the brown bag. Crumpling up the bag helps to make it rustic. Frame and distinguish the paper by dragging the inkpad along the edges of the paper. This makes it look aged.


Step Two:
Crumple the patterned paper and ink it up along with the edges. Ripping is okay!


Step Three:
Sandwich the ribbon between the layers and stack as desired. Putting the top layer at an angle adds interest. You can pin it if you feel uncomfortable keeping it together at the sewing stage.


Step Four:
Sew around the edge of your paper. I tend to go off the edges because I like the threads that hang out when I clip them.
Add a brad or grommet for something shiny. I tend to put mine where the ribbon intersects with the paper to make it appear as though the brad has a purpose.


Step Five:
To adhere your embellishment to your page you can use glue (if it’s heavy) or double-sided stick tape to hold the whole thing down solid.

There you go! Fun embellishments that cost very little compared to store-bought ones, and use up scraps at home! Yeah for recycling!

If you have any ideas, tips or techniques concerning embellishments, let me know, and be sure to tell me how it goes for you! I love seeing your pictures.