People collect a lot of shells- and one never knows quite what to do with them.  This is a quick project for just that, assuming your shells have some bowl-like characteristics.

This idea came to me as I was kneeling in a store in Oakland, California called “The Bone Shoppe.”  I found small abalone shells and was so taken that I bought 7 of them!  Later, hiking in Yosemite, I found a stick I liked.  Somehow the two got together.

The construction is simple.  Go to your local hardware store and buy a mortar like liquid nails- clear if possible.  You want something that is thick so that it can hold your shells while it dries. Just figure out where you want your shells on your stick- apply glue liberally, and set aside for the curing time.  8 hours tends to do it.

Wa-la.   You now have a small rack to put scrap-booking embellishments like grommets and brads, or push-pins, or earrings or… or anything!  Good luck!