I am a fabric-aholic.  I know I’m not alone.  I buy fabric whenever I see something I like, and it’s rarely in small quantities.  Sometimes I get the feeling that the fabric is too pretty to waste on a project.  That’s when I started thinking about this book.   Taking a corner of your favorite pieces of fabric and putting them in a book not only preserves them for you to look at later without rifling through folded flats, but it frees you from feeling like you have to save the fabric.  It’s also a great book to make for small children who love textures, colors, and accordion books.

 1.   Decide on a shape that you want your fabric to be seen- a square is probably the smartest, but you aren’t limited to that.  Here, I’m making a book with kimono scraps, so I’m using a kimono shape.

2.  Draw that image with a thick marker and photo copy it as many times are you have pages in your book.   (I used MS paint to make my lines straight)  Remember to make an even-number since the book will be back-to-front pages.

3.  Glue this piece of paper onto a piece of sturdy paper, poster board, or cardboard.  I always save that white stiff board that comes in packaging when you buy things that need to be kept flat.  That makes this project a little more environmentally friendly.  By the time you glue them all, the first one should be dry.

4.  Using an exacto-knife, cut out the design from inside the black line, leaving the outline on the paper, but creating a window in your cardboard page.

5.  Now, cut a swatch from your desired fabric.  Using glue on a paint brush (or your finger), on the BACK side of the page, apply glue to the area around your cardboard window.  Lay the fabric over the window so that the right side of the fabric is facing out through the window.  Straighten and smooth out creased.  Repeat until all pages are done.

6.  Lay your pages out on the floor.  Decide what order they will go in.  Lay half of your pages face down.   Pick some string, lace, yarn, or ribbon to hold your book together.  Measure and cut them to be the length of your book as it is laid out on the floor.


 6.  With that gluey paint brush, glue the ribbon, lace, etc, to the BACK of one half of the cards.   Try not to get glue on the fabric as it will seep through and be seen from the other side.  Make sure the ribbon lies flat, and try to keep the distance between the page constant.

7.   Without waiting for the ribbon to dry, coat the surface of the cardboard (don’t get glue on the fabric) with a thin layer of glue, and press the wrong side of another page to the face-down page, making a ribbon sandwich.   Repeat until all pages are glued down.  You may want to put some heavy books on the pages so they dry flat.


8.  If you want a tie to close your book, don’t forget to sandwich that in between the layers before you glue the first and last pages together.

Wa-la!   Here is your book.   Now you can decorate the pages, write on the margins explaining why you like that fabric, where you got it, how much it cost… it makes a great memory book.

Good luck!